A large number of individuals around the world are physically active which is why they often participate in several sports activities like running, basketball, soccer, tennis etc. Most of the time, these people pursue their sports actively making them very prone to overtraining. Some active individuals practice at least two hours a day because they are challenged. In some situations, fitness buffs do not properly warm up or do proper stretching to prepare their muscles. This results to injury to the knee joints causing sharp knee pain. Even sedentary individuals can suffer from sharp knee pain once they get hurt as caused by slipping or falling. In their situation, lack of balance contributes to being prone to accidental slips and falls. Typically, sharp knee pain is a direct result  from problems with the ligaments around the knee joints. For a better understanding of sharp knee pain, given below are some likely causes plus a short description; however, this should not be substituted for professional medical advice .

Torn versus Damaged Ligament There are two probable causes of sharp knee pain, either damaged or torn ligament. The main difference lies in the ability of one condition to recover fully such as damaged ligament. Alternatively,torn ligament does not regain full recovery yet so doctors prescribe temporary relief as the basic alternative to this condition. The approach to treatment looks similar but a torn ligament often involves surgery .

Damaged Ligament is one major cause  of sharp knee pain.Pain killers are often given by doctors because patients find it difficult to tolerate the sharp knee pain. A knee brace is often used to prevent the knee from movement and assist in healing. The knee brace acts a support to the damaged ligament so the person can still move normally with protection. Frequently, the patient needs to elevate the legs so the joints would not carry any weight from the body. On the opposite, torn ligament is a serious condition that creates extreme sharp knee pain. Approach to treatment  is comparable to damaged ligament but there may be a need for surgery. But no matter what causes sharp knee pain, an overweight person must lose weight to speed up recovery. Just remember, knees are important joints that we should protect to prevent sharp knee pain.